Sept 6 Sept 7 Sept 8 Sept 9 Sept 10 Sept 11
9-12   Talk Talk Exc Talk Talk
12-2   Lunch Lunch Talk Lunch Lunch
2-6 Reg Talk Poster Talk Exc Talk
Reception   Banquet      


The detail time table can be download here (Completed by September 1st).

A series of sessions will be held during the week that will include, but is not limited to, the study of:
a) Synthesis and characterization of novel materials.
b) Artificial structures.
c) Classical and quantum systems in two and three dimensions.
d) Frustration in two and three dimensions.
e) Glass transitions.
f) Computational studies: Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics, exact diagonalization.
g) Chirality.
h) Persistent spin dynamics.
i) Experimental studies: heat capacity, magnetization, resonance, neutron scattering and nuclear magnetic, electron spin and muon spin resonance.

The size of poster board is H160cm x W90cm (fits A0 poster).

In keeping with tradition we are in the process of organizing a school on September 5-6th on Facility Research for those studying Magnetism. This will cover topics like, high field magnet research, neutron, muon and synchrotron radiation beam research, and a theory/modeling class.

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